Pixel-Poi® light batons are cutting-edge programmable LED devices which use persistence of vision effects to display breathtaking graphics, text and logos.

They were invented in 2005 by leading light-juggling performance group Feeding the Fish who devised a novel method to display detailed graphics in lights using spinning juggling props and went on to patent the technology and trademark the Pixel-Poi name.  FtF continue to amaze audiences with this unique technology around the world.

If you are interested in booking a show featuring Pixel-Poi or seeing videos and photos of them in action, please visit our sister site: www.feedingthefish.com.

If you would like to get your hands on some of these stunning props then read on…


Pixel-Poi® light batons are available for hire to production companies and professional performance groups. High profile rentals to date include:

  • Take That’s record-breaking stadium tour ‘The Circus’ in 2009, which hired Pixel-Poi for all of the dancers on stage and on the catwalk runway. They were used to stunning effect in the finale song ‘Hold up a Light’.
  • Ferrari-World Abu Dhabi, where a 5 person Pixel-Poi performance by the cast has been a highlight of Ferrari’s Pit-Lane show three times every day since it opened in autumn 2010.
  • The largest Pixel-Poi routine ever featured in the Closing Ceremony of the London 2012 Paralympic Games held in the Olympic Stadium: 66 hired Pixel-Poi brought the 30th Olympiad to a spectacular close. The cast of dancers performed a specially programmed routine directed by Kim Gavin alongside UK band Coldplay, with the now legendary stadium-bank LED display showing complimentary graphics. Unforgettable.
  • Pop icon ‘Pitbull’ perfomed at the MTV European Music Awards 2012 in Frankfurt with a cast of 18 dancers spinning Pixel-Poi.

To register your interest in hiring Pixel-Poi, please use the form opposite.

For Sale

We plan to make Pixel-poi light batons available for sale on this site later this year. To register your interest in buying Pixel-Poi, please use the form opposite, or follow us on Twitter for updates.

Technical Details

  • FtF Pixel-Poi light batons contain up to 100 RGB LEDs offering unbeatable definition.
  • Unlimited effects possible with millions of colour combinations and ultrafast millisecond refresh rate.
  • Tried and tested design: over 2,700 shows performed worldwide proving current version to be 100 percent reliable at high-profile international events where technical risk is not an option.
  • High quality electronic circuits manufactured (and equipment assembled) entirely in the UK. Iteratively developed firmware constantly improved on third generation hardware.
  • ‘Poisson’ – cross-platform software application with intuitive graphical user interface to encode graphics/logos and precisely sequence shows to soundtracks. Millisecond programming is entirely straightforward. Programmable via USB. Can be used and synchronised without the need for a computer.


Patents granted in UK, France and Germany. Trademarks registered in UK, USA and all EU member states.
Pixel-Poi light batons are available only through this site. Any equipment claiming to be ‘Pixel-Poi,’ ‘Pixel Poi’ or ‘Pixelpois’ and made commercially available in Europe or USA is in violation of trademark. The manufacture, use, sale or import of any equipment that infringes a patent in a territory in which that patent applies constitutes an infringement and is against the law.

For further information, please contact contact@pixel-poi.com

The latest in digital programmable technology the led batons called pixel poi are unique. Upload any graphic, logo, or text to the finale of a show and see your name in lights. This act is perfect for gala dinners, charity events, product launches, variety, cabaret, weddings, private parties, award ceremonies, corporate events and nightclubs
Feeding the fish use their pixel poi to create beautiful patterns. The latest in digital programmable technology the led light batons can have graphics, text and logos upload. As part of a mesmerizing finale the graphics are revealed and you see your name in lights. This unique act will entertain all audiences
The pixel poi create beautiful anti spin patterns. The latest in digital programmable technology these led light batons sometimes called graphic poi can be uploaded to reveal patterns, graphics, logos and text
The pixel poi are uploaded with this beautiful hearts image. The latest in digital technology the pixel poi led light batons can have graphics, text and logos programmed in to the lights. Perfect entertainment for all events from , gala dinners, corporate events, charity events, product launches, weddings, private parties, variety and cabaret
The pixel poi are perfect for sporting events. support your country by have your flag programmed into the lights. Using the latest in digital programmable technology pixel poi led light batons can be uploaded with graphics, logos, patterns and text to provide a totally unique entertaining act
The latest in digital programmable technology the led light batons called pixel poi can be uploaded with graphics, logos, patterns and text.

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